Absolute favorite.

Absolute favorite.

Thursday Mar 3 @ 12:37am

Ap Bio. No.

So I should be studying right now. Like probably everyone else.  But instead I’m on tumblr stalking my 7 people I follow. Maybe it is time to get some new ones.  But Nikki, if you’re on here reading this get your butt back to studying :) I know you have two tests. <3

Monday Mar 3 @ 10:00pm
Monday Mar 3 @ 09:56pm
Monday Mar 3 @ 09:55pm

You look like a hideous creature.

So today at school was fine, and then I had dance and that was boring. And then I had a lacrosse game. We lost, to the best team in the state at least. But after the game guess who I see. The ugliest fucking bitch in the world. Really though, the one person I hate happens to be there, like seriously you graduated. I think that it is time to grow the fuck up. And can I just say she looked like shit-but that is nothing new. By this point I’m annoyed. Then I have my mom asking me the dumbest questions. I am frustrated. UGH.

BTW. Just go move to Africa already and have no friends; and be happy I’m not wishing death on you. It’s not my thing.

ON THE UPSIDE.. I did do better than the top girl in our class on an AP Biology quiz. Yay me.

Tuesday Mar 3 @ 09:12pm

Good Weekend. Mhm.

All I can say is that I know I had a successful weekend when I got lost in Draper, turned exactly 17 and a half. Celebrated 6 months with my boyfriend. And last, played BP with my mom and Sam’s dad. Also, I made the last cup to win the game for Sam and I. Baller status——-yes. :)

Monday Mar 3 @ 12:35am
I think so.

I think so.

Monday Mar 3 @ 12:33am


Well, on a bad day, there is always my favorite cheesecake to make myself feel better.

Wednesday Mar 3 @ 03:52pm
This is how I am feeling today.

This is how I am feeling today.

Wednesday Mar 3 @ 12:47pm

Well Fuck You

You know sometimes I’m pretty sure you don’t even give a fuck about me in any way. Like god fucking forbid I wanted to see you right? Fuck off and just go to bed. A hi would have been nice. Guess not.

-sorry about my ranting

Saturday Mar 3 @ 02:22am